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Allah Remembrance Screen Saver 2.0

Allah Remembrance Screen Saver will bring all the joy and devotion to Allah
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Are you an Islamic devotee?
Even if you are not, I’m sure you have heard about Allah!
All Muslims have this belief about the way that Allah asks them to remember Him.
They use the word: Dhikr.
This word has several meanings. It is used to refer to Allah’s book and recitation.
It also means “prayer”.
But most of all, it is used to refer to the Remembrance of Allah in the heart, or both in the heart and the tongue.

Allah Remembrance Screen Saver will bring all the joy and devotion to Allah to your screen.

This unique screen saver will really transport you to the sacred places of the Muslims.
Probably you have heard of Mecca and the Kabbah, the place where you are supposed to go at least once in your life if you are a Muslim

It must be quite a view being able to watch all those people in complete concentration praying and chanting with all their devotion and faith.
This screen saver will show you some beautiful pictures of Allah’s Remembrance that will help you to understand better this religion, at least a little bit.
The sound is something worth mentioning too.
You will listen to real prayers and chants, as well as recitations of 4 Surats.
I didn’t understand a single word, of course, but watching the images and listening to the recitations really made me feel there was something special happening right in front of me.

Even if you are not a Muslim or an Islamic religion devotee, you will surely enjoy this screen saver. It will be an attention getter and who knows, maybe a tool to enlighten yourself.

Fernando Soni
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  • Interesting
  • Nice chants and recitations


  • If you are not a Muslim it might be boring
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